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Weekly Bulletin -June 20th

Good Evening, Boston Arts Academy Families,

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Good evening, Boston Arts Academy Families. 

For the second year in a row, the City of Boston is recognizing Juneteenth, the federal holiday in the United States commemorating emancipation of enslaved African Americans. We are celebrating Juneteenth on Monday, and there will be no school. 



On Tuesday, June 21 we will follow a Monday schedule, and Wednesday, June 22 will be the last day of regular classes. 

All students will have a family conference with their advisor, either Thursday, June 23 or Friday, June 24. Advisors will share important information about closing out the school year and beginning next school year in our new building. 


Monday, June 25 is the last day of school. We have a half day celebration, starting first in advisory and ending with activities in Ronan park,


Have a great week!


Have a great week!

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