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Girl in a stairwell painting the wall

Jamie Higgens,
Art & Design Program, Class of '19

About Us

We believe that talent is equally distributed throughout the City of Boston, but opportunity is not.

When people ask why I care so much about the students of the Boston Arts Academy, I mention how they look like me. Boston Arts Academy students truly reflect the diversity and talents of the city of Boston.

As the city’s only high school for the visual and performing arts, Boston Arts Academy is a proven model of the benefits of a rigorous dual arts and college preparatory curriculum taught by award-winning faculty. The school is built around recognizing and uplifting students’ strengths – a place where they are admitted not on the basis of grades or behavior but their art. Boston Arts Academy is a space where students with disabilities learn alongside their peers and students with mental health challenges can access the services they need. They believe in supporting every student, and so do we.

We want Boston Arts Academy students to live the lives they imagine, but we can’t do it without you. Please take the time to visit our pages to learn about how we bridge the gap between the school’s allocation from the Boston Public Schools and the true cost of a high-quality education.

Giving to the Boston Arts Academy Foundation is an investment in not only Boston Arts Academy students but also the future of our vibrant city.

Denella J. Clark
President & CEO
Boston Arts Academy Foundation

Meet the Boston Arts Academy Foundation Team!

Jeff Rosica

Donna M. Harris-Lewis
Vice Chair

David Felton

Sean Curran
Nominating & Governance Committee Chair

Antoine J. Melay, Jr.
Audit Committee Chair

Ashley Webb Colleary
Marketing Committee Chair

Michael L. Bivins

Denella J. Clark (Ex Officio)

Sue Brady Hartigan

Tony James

Steven D. Meyers, Esq.

Dawn Perry, Esq.

Hector Piña

Richard Rudman, Esq.

Susan Schechter

Lisa K. Sussman, Ph.D.

Jerry Wheelock (P’20)

Malik Yoba

Jay Fee, Esq.

Nelson Mullins, Pro-Bono Counsel

Lee Pelton, Lifetime Chairman Emeritus

Sandra Gordon, Founding Chair

Maggie Baxter

Joseph P. Hanley, Esq.

The Advisory Council is a group of arts, community, education and business leaders who recognize that Boston Arts Academy uniquely prepares urban students to be successful in life and to be creative contributors to their communities.

Chair Emerita

  • Pam Allara
    Associate Professor Emerita of Contemporary Art, Brandeis University


  • Beate Becker
    Independent Consultant

  • Petrina Martin-Cherry
    Vice President of Community Engagement and External Affairs, Boston Medical Center


Jason Amos
Arreen Andre
Gordon Bannister
Kelly Brilliant
Annette G. Byner
Victoria Dozier
Ron Gillyard
Leclerc Jean-Louis
Chris Lovell
Ron Mallis
Michael Mauceri
Karen Moss
Beth Neustadt
Koren Phillips
Kathryn Raymond
Charles J. Reedy
Gerard Riveron
Jo Ann Rothschild
Emilie Steele
Rosaline Thomas-Clark
Carlos Villamil
Susan Werbe
Celeste Wilson

How the school received its funding in 2020:


Boston Arts Academy Foundation


Boston Public Schools


MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

In fall 2022, Boston Arts Academy’s new, state-of-the-art school building will open for 500 diverse and talented students. Over time, the school will offer programming to 600 students as well as artists throughout the city of Boston.

However beautiful, Boston Arts Academy’s new building is just the beginning. It’s the people and programs that make the difference.

That’s why Boston Arts Academy Foundation’s Building Our Future Campaign is so critical.

Learn More

Boston Arts Academy Foundation’s financial position is stable and strong, but its financial strength must continue to grow. Our six-year, $32 million campaign augments the school’s budget and supports long-term financial sustainability, through donations and investments from donors like you.

Your donations to Building Our Future secure $5,000 per student each year to keep the arts, Health & Wellness, STEAM (STEM+Art), intensive reading and math programs, and life-changing opportunities in Boston Arts Academy. Together, our financial support will build stronger financial reserves, a larger endowment that is well managed by Rockland Trust, and provide the new school building with equipment to fully optimize the space.

Join us today in helping Boston Arts Academy’s students achieve their full potential and become the people they were meant to be!

Financial Reports

IRS Form 990, 2018-19

Audited Financial Statements, 2018-19

2019-20 Annual Report

Building Our Future

A new era will begin with the opening of Boston Arts Academy’s building at 174 Ipswich Street in fall 2022. The state-of-the-art facility means more students, more space, and more opportunities to combine arts with academics and community work. With that, we will need to continue to ensure that BAA students are able to achieve their full potential in this vibrant, interactive space. And that’s where you come in.

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Boston Arts Academy Foundation

Talent is evenly distributed in society, but not opportunity. Help us change that reality in Boston.

Make a 100% tax-deductible donation to support Boston students. Less than 3% of funds go to BAAF administrative costs. Contact us at (617) 513-3601.


Prefer to mail a check?

Make checks payable to Boston Arts Academy Foundation

2 Charlesgate West, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02215