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Valerie Becker-Nogueira

Alumni Board Chair
Boston Arts Academy Foundation
A picture of Valerie with a happy smile and in black and white patterned top.

Valerie Becker-Nogueira is an experienced consultant specializing in marketing communications, client relations and employee development. With over 15 years of working with client-focused and service-oriented businesses, she brings forth her organizational skill sets, creative talents, and knack for empowerment coaching to help artists and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and connect with clients in meaningful ways. Valerie is a graduate of Boston Arts Academy where she majored in Dance and earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication from Emerson College. She currently serves as Chair of BAA Alumni Board and Network, supports access to the arts in education for youth, and is also the founder of True Heartist ( an online community engagement platform for art and heart-centered health and wellness programs.

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