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Artivism Student Program Starts at Boston Arts Academy: Artist Initiative for Revolution

Mention on Equity and Inclusion Cabinet Announces Second Annual Artivism Student Program

"The City of Boston Equity and Inclusion Cabinet today announced that the second annual Artivism Student Program will take place from April 18th to April 21st and open to 12-17 year old students across Massachusetts. The four day program will be held at the newly renovated Boston Arts Academy at 174 Ipswich Street from 9:00AM – 5:00 PM. This program grants young artists in Boston opportunities to engage in artmaking rooted in storytelling and social justice and learn how to use art as a tool for social change. Students will work closely with experienced community leaders to learn how to use their creativity to make a positive impact on society. The instructors include Demi Brown, dance teaching artist; BMike Odums, visual art teaching artist; Amanda Shea, poetry teaching artist; and Danny Rivera, music teaching artist."

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