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Boston Arts Academy Dance Department's 25 Year Anniversary Springfest

Celebrate 25 years of dance excellence at the Boston Arts Academy 25th Anniversary Springfest show! 

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Sakura Rosenthal Wins 1st Place in Next Narrative Monologue Competition- Nationals

Congratulations to Sakura Rosenthal and Seine Young for representing our city at the Nationals Next Narrative Monologue Competition! Sakura won first place, and we are so PROU…

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Boston Art's Academy's Seine Young, Sakura Rosenthal, and Armani Barrantes give winning performances for Next Narrative Boston

Mentioned in Broadway World: The Huntington Education Department Brings Theatre and Poetry To Students Across Greater Boston and The Commonwealth

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In 7 News: Grammy Award-winning Lupe Fiasco visits Boston Arts Academy

Lupe Fiasco teaches "Didactic/Instructional/PSA: Rap outside the realm of entertainment/art that is used to teach skill spread objective information, and problem solve

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