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BAA's Intersession Tradition

What is Intersession?

BAA’s intersession is one week where regular class structures are exchanged with time for youth, adults and community partners to explore deep learning in and through the arts. 

Key Points

  • What is the goal?

    To live the part of our mission that says we are “charged with being a laboratory…for artistic and academic innovation.” The goal is to design and carry out student-centered experiences in which adults are co-learners, to honor play, exploration, and trust in the creative process and to experience some deep learning in the process while building community.

  • Who participates?

    All youth and adults from the BAA community participate either leading a learning experience or being a participant. Community partners including colleges, business and organizations are also invited to be a part of this week in different ways.

  • How are learning experiences chosen?

    Each participant can propose and plan a learning experience or sign up for an experience someone else is planning. 

  • When will intersession happen?

    Monday, January 25-Friday, January 29,

    8:30-3:30 Monday through Thursday, 8:30-1 pm on Friday

    Friday’s session will include a community “share-out”.

All projects will be focused on art-making and/or the artistic process. Groups are asked to incorporate circles at least once a day, for opening, closing, processing, sharing etc. This reinforces our community commitment to circle practice and is a way to build community. There will be a closing community celebration and sharing event and each group will be expected to share about their experience Documentation of work (variety of formats i.e. bulletin board, online, video blogs, etc)

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