Boston Arts Academy Student in BAA STEAM LabWith the generous support of private funding, in 2014 we opened up the STEAM Lab and hired a Director to establish a maker space/artists’ studio/fabrication laboratory. The STEAM Lab helps teachers and students explore the connections between the arts, science, and math, and incorporate new technology into their projects. Students experience the parallels of the artistic, scientific, and design processes and delve into 3D modeling and design, electronics, digital media, and fabrication.

What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. According to Ed Tech MagazineSTEAM education is about more than just the subjects in its name. As STEAM consultant Georgette Yakman explains,

STEAM programs integrate subjects in an inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum (in a way) that more closely aligns with what ­students will experience in college and the workforce.

BAA teachers and students have access to customized desktop 3D printers to print objects that bring their imaginations to life. With advancements in 3D technology, students can use scientific themes such as biomimicry and math concepts such as scale and fractions to design, prototype, and build class-based projects.

For information about all of the exciting activities happening in the STEAM Lab, please visit the STEAM Lab Tumblr.

Creating in Multiple Modalities

Check out the video below to see BAA Visual Art senior Kayla O’Neil working on an independent study project that combines fabrication, physical computing and new media. She laser etched her 2D artwork into a piece of wood, painting the raised parts of her drawing with Electric Paint and connecting that to a circuit that she painted on the back. She learned how to program a Touch Board to trigger videos with free video projection software.