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BAA Film Festival

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Open to the public
BAA Auditorium, 174 Ipswich St.

Boston Arts Academy Invites You to The BAA Film Festival 23

Ten short independent films will be presented in the Boston Arts Academy Theatre on Friday, May 19th, 7-9 pm. These stories are written, directed, and produced by emerging artists with pieces ranging from drama, romance, heartbreak, and compelling documentaries. Through the conception and execution of these films, students were encouraged to take the role of a multifaceted independent filmmaker.

 BAA encourages aspiring filmmakers to be enterprising and demonstrate skills at all production levels. There’s a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the BAA Film and the new MEP (Multi-Media Entertainment Production)  department. Students have worked collaboratively on these films with their peers and mentors. 

Stories are being told by full-time 11th and 12th graders motivated to participate in the media industry. John Adekoje, filmmaker and professor at BAA, encourages students to remain resolute in their narrative initiatives. “Our kids should learn what it is like to be an independent filmmaker. You have to be confident in your voice as a creator, but our students should control the narrative.”

While many art forms look to the canons for their practice, this medium is ever-changing. BAA has offered access to state-of-the-art technology and community talent; the film and MEP department proudly presents Boston’s young filmmakers' work.

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