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Dance Auditions

To audition for Dance, you’ll be asked to upload an audition video to your application before submitting by January 31. We highly suggest students attend the Audition Workshop in November to help prepare for their audition submission.

We encourage you to warm up with this video before recording your audition.

Audition Video Requirements

Your audition will include three parts:

  • Elemental Movements: Ballet Skills

  • Elemental Movements: Modern Dance Skills

  • Improvisations: Create a dance in the moment spelling your name with your body

We ask that you use this Instructional Dance Audition Tutorial Video to complete your audition and follow along with the video while recording yourself.

Instructional Dance Tutorial Video

For your audition, please dress in appropriate dancewear (leotards, tights, and socks or ballet shoes are preferred) and have your pulled away from your face and secured.

If you do not have the suggested dancewear, female students may wear shorts and leotard, leggings, or a fitted t-shirt/tank top while male students may wear t-shirts and sweatpants or basketball shorts. You may not audition in street clothes or jeans.

To record the video, you will need:

  • A space where you will have room to move with good lighting

  • Camera or phone with camera for recording purposes

  • A device to watch the BAA video simultaneously

  • Camera positioned to show full body

Judging Criteria

Dance auditions are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Physical potential

  • Coordination

  • Rhythmic accuracy and musicality

  • Attitude and perseverance

  • Coachability

  • Movement quality

  • Expressiveness

  • Risk-taking

  • Technical proficiency

Click here to view the full rubric used during Dance Auditions.


After submitting your dance audition, you may be invited to attend a live callback either on Zoom or in person. Receiving a callback does not mean that a decision on admission has been made, it simply means the panel wants to see you one more time before coming to a final decision.

Dance callbacks ask you to participate in a small group dance class.

If you’re unable to submit a video or have questions about the audition process, please contact

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