Summer Reading Program celebrates 10 years!

BAA Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its Innovative Summer Reading Program in July 2015!

The Summer Reading Program, launched in 2005-2006, has served over 400 BAA struggling readers and trained dozens of teachers, interns from local colleges and universities, and volunteers.  The program evolved in collaboration with Dr. Isabel Phillips, Mary Keyes, Anne Clark and Joy Bautista, who were the original architects of the program during Linda Nathan’s tenure as founding Headmaster.

The Summer Reading Program at BAA was a 2017 recipient of the Goldin Foundation’s Exemplary Projects Awards. You can read more about this outstanding honor here:

BAA is unique in its admission of students based solely upon artistic talent and promise – without regard to previous academic record. These young artists often arrive from other schools with literacy skills that are well-below high school level. Profound discrepancies in reading and language skill are a huge obstacle to student success in developing competence as learners and mastering the creative, but highly demanding academic curriculum that BAA also offers.

The Summer Reading Program teaches intensive word analysis techniques, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies through reading material that inspires and motivates BAA students to think deeply about issues that matter to them as artists, scholars and citizens.  Teachers learn what obstacles these students face in accessing the BAA curriculum and how to embed reading skill development across the arts and academic curricula. This helps position BAA graduates to realize their full intellectual powers and contribute to the world not only as passionate and gifted artists, but also as articulate scholars and citizens.

Please click here to learn more about our Summer Reading Program.