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Fill Me In

Adam James Ross


1. Why and how did you become involved with Boston Arts Academy?

"As I approached 9th grade my mother was interested in finding a school with a community that aligned with our values and my interests. I had always been "a creative" with a flair for performance and had a long history in music, theatre, and visual arts already. "

"When we caught wind of Boston's first and only public school for the arts opening for the 1998 school year, I applied to audition immediately. I auditioned for visual arts and theatre."

2. What's a poignant or prominent memory you have of Boston Arts Academy?

"As my senior year began I remember realizing that I did not want to pursue my major as a career at all. While theatre was, and always will be, a big part of who I am and how I identify with the world, I learned enough about the business to know that I was not interested in applying myself to its professional pursuit. It was a bittersweet moment; there was a feeling of almost leaving something that I had dedicated myself to for 4 years behind but, at the same time I felt confident that I had been equipped with all the tools I needed as an individual to find a path towards my future. The school did a marvelous job giving me the knowledge, confidence, and experience I needed to suceed in life."

3. When you think about BAA what are the 3 words that come to mind and why?

"Opportunity, diversity, and community."

"These are the words that come to mind and are the most important aspects of any organization. That they provide opportunity, celebrate diversity, and you will have a healthy positive community."

4. 25 years later, what about BAA makes you most proud?

"I am most proud of our thriving alumni community and how interested we are in ensuring future generations of students have even more opportunity and support. "

5. What lesson/lessons have BAA taught you as an artist, professional, and citizen?

"My time as a student at BAA taught me to never stop creating, never stop growing, and never stop learning. I learned that everything deserves to be questioned and appreciated and understood. I learned that a good mentor has just as much to learn from their mentee and that our stories are worth sharing. My time as a theatre major helped hone me as an empathetic leader and advocate while preparing me to accept and support change."

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