RENT Rocked! (2013)

BAA’s Theatre Department presented RENT, the school’s first musical in over ten years, at the Semel Theater at Emerson College. The production sold out and was much loved by the audience. RENT photos are taken by BAA Council of Advocate Member, Craig Bailey.


Here is what BAA student actors had to say about their participation in the production:

My time being the assistant director for RENT can be summed up into one word; Sublime. I’ve experienced everything from absolute pride in my cast to heartbreak. I’ve gotten to see how working with music and acting is so similar and different. It has showed me how all elements of art play a large role in different types of performances. Art is so versatile and has so many elements that being able to work with so many of them in one show was amazing and wonderful. It just opened up my eyes to a different world of creativity. Working on RENT has been life changing to say the least.”Yarah

“For me, being in RENT has made me a better actor, singer, and has taught me the struggles that many people go through such has HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, homophobia, etc.” – Joey

“Being in RENT has helped me get out of my comfort zone A LOT. It also has made me a better singer and a confident actor.”  – Jazmyne

 “For me, RENT has been a scary experience but I would not have been able to grow so much as an actor without it.”  Carlos

 “The RENT world opens my mind to what I thought was impossible, living life in poverty, being happy with people around you that have the same struggles but different dreams. I have developed better human qualities for myself, being open and striving to believe in myself. Others around me are doing the same thing. When you are opened up to a world with new strategies you begin to know who you are.  You understand skills, limits, different personalities and experiences. In my case, I know I am an artist that can try anything. Thank you Jonathan Larson and thank you RENT.– Toinaysha

 “Being in RENT has opened my eyes more to life and being an artist. This piece of work holds the idea that life is something that many people take for granted, when they should be cherishing every moment.”  – Sabina

 “Being in RENT inspired me to get huevos rancheros for breakfast this morning. –  Dan

 “For me, being in RENT has shown me the true meaning of ensemble…Equity–  Penelope

 “RENT has taught me to acknowledge the little things. In these past few months, I have become a better performer, strengthened relationships, made new friends and above everything, learned how to fight for my dreams.” –  David