Yejide Najee-Ullah

Yejide Najee-Ullah is a new humanities teacher to Boston Arts Academy, having previously taught for four years at Excel High School in South Boston. Ms. N was born and raised in Berkeley, CA. She attended Berkeley High School where she discovered her passion for multiple forms of artistic expression, including dance, theater, photography, and slam poetry, and began her exploration of activism. Her work with young people began after her participation in the inaugural year of Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp in 2002. She stayed with the organization and company as a volunteer or youth leader for 10 years, and left to pursue her teaching career after studying abroad in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. Ms. N is passionate about youth voice and empowerment. She feels that the most important lesson learned in high school is how to advocate for oneself. Her students will use various concepts and content to learn how to navigate whatever path their passions may lead them down. Ms. N received her BA in Anthropology from Smith College and her Masters of Education from UMASS Boston.