Teacher Workshops

In past years, the Center has hosted teacher workshops that delve into exciting and relevant areas for educators and organizations that work with 6th-12th grade students.

Previous Teacher Workshops Hosted by the Center

2016 Summit Series: Foundations in Culture

Building on successful teacher development opportunities that have been offered over the last 10+ years and the 2015 STEAM Summit Series, the Center offered sequential workshops this called “Building Healthy School Culture” by our Dean of Students, Edgar Vasquez.

The workshops provided a deep understanding of healthy school culture and climate, the three tiers of Circle Practice, and specific work in Restorative Justice. Based on the significant work that has occurred at BAA over the last five years, the workshops helped participants develop norms and practices to address the needs of their school communities.

With support from the IAM Strong Foundation, 10 full scholarships were offered to Boston Public School teachers from 7 schools who were joined by their peers from 4 other learning communities.

STEAM Summit Series 2015

For our 2015 STEAM Summit Series, teachers explored, deepened and created STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) curriculum to engage their students. Hosted in our STEAM Lab, participants learned how art and technology engage students in interdisciplinary learning at BAA. All three workshops were led by Dr. Nettrice Gaskins, BAA’s STEAM Lab Director.

Participants got to:

  • Muck about in BAA’s STEAM Lab
Develop STEAM curriculum
  • Eat good snacks
Be a part of a community that is on a STEAM journey