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Weekly Bulletin - November 22 - November 26, 2021

Good Evening, Boston Arts Academy Families,

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We are looking forward to seeing you at Family Conferences on Monday, November 29. These will be virtual meetings via zoom, and they are for students and their parent/caregiver with their advisor. Your advisor should be reaching out before the Thanksgiving break to make an appointment.

At Boston Arts Academy, we believe that families are important partners in students' success, and we appreciate the time and effort families expend to participate in these important conversations.

Students, please know that the goal is for you to lead the conversation about your learning. The reason that you will get your report cards and narratives in advance of the conferences is because we want you to have the opportunity to reflect and to plan. More important than your teachers identifying your strengths and challenges is your ability to do so for yourself. My hope is that you will take advantage of narrative conferences as an important reflection opportunity.

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