MSLA & MassCUE: Sound Systems & MIDI Workshop

Students present their finished projects to Hank Shocklee

Students present their finished projects to Hank Shocklee

Workshop Description

Bringing the Noise: Sound Systems & MIDI
Boston Arts Academy

Dr. Nettrice Gaskins, STEAM Lab Director
Mr. Jean Binjour, 9th Grade Engineering
Dr. Deborah Lang Froggatt, Library Director

This workshop explores physical computing – how humans express themselves physically and creatively – and communication technology, i.e. music production, visual art and design. Students use conductive materials such as paint and turn their designs into sound sensors by connecting them to Touch Boards. They program the hardware, test the system, adapt it for different sounds, evaluate their results, and share observations with their class.

The lesson demonstration explores how software engineers and music producers use analog and digital information to create music, such as repeating, layering and sampling sounds. Students work in teams to paint a design, set up and program a Touch Board to make a MIDI synthesizer, and connect their designs to the device. Teams build their system, program and test it, reflect on the challenge, and present their experiences to their class. Research to extend student understanding is integrated based upon student need.

Workshop Activities

Introduction (5 min)

Overview & Glossary of Terms (10 min)

9th Grade Engineering & Physical Computing Unit (10 min)

BAA STEAM Lab Project Demo (20 minutes)

STEAM/Common Core/MSLA Relationships (5 min)

BAA STEAM Summit Series

Q & A (10 min)

Workshop Materials

STEAM Lab Lesson Plan

Glossary of Terms

Seeing the Invisible Project Rubric

STEAM Resources

STEAM AASL Common Core Integrated Activities