Meet our Senior Grant Project Grantees

We are so excited to announce our Senior Grant Project Grantees for the Class of 2013! They will be working with their community partners to complete their projects this  spring.

Emily Catalfamo
“Can You Hear Me?” is a documentary aimed at the hearing community intended to raise awareness about the Deaf  community and their successes along with their struggles.  This project is important for the two communities to increase  positive communication and decrease misunderstandings.





Gary Gonzalez
Drop-In is a 3-day program at 826 Boston where 8th grade Latino/Hispanic students get to design an identity room  representing their future goals. The program aims to lower the drop out rate of Latino/Hispanic high school students by  helping them find their goals later in life.





Laura Londono
Crohn’s Connection is a bilingual website where teenagers and pre-teens who have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease can communicate with others like them, through a blog, documentary and original monologues. This project will show children with Crohn’s that they are not alone in this journey, and that hundreds of young people are experiencing the same challenges as them.




Tuyen Nguyen
Compost-IT is a program for Boston Arts Academy and Boston Latin School students who care about the environment to learn Photoshop and use graphic design to spread knowledge about composting into the community. The BAA cafeteria composting project is expected to roll out next year, and this program’s goal is to familiarize the community with composting.




J’Andre Rackard
NOMEI is a gala that will showcase young artists from BAA and throughout the BAA community along with community speakers to bring attention to and raise funds for music education in New Orleans schools.





You can follow our students’ progress at our Senior Grant  Project Blog at