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Patricia Rizzo

Class of 2011 | Art & Design

Designing the future while preserving the past.

A picture of Patricia in a light purple sweater and a bridge over a river in the background.

Since earning her Bachelors and Masters of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Patricia has worked for two architecture firms: one designing high-end residential homes and the other revitalizing historical buildings in and around New England for the community.

“All of the above would not have happened without Boston Arts Academy. I was lucky enough that the major that I chose in high school is one that brought me into my college learning and my professional career... I would not have been able to make it through the 6 hour studio in college without first going through similar studio hours in high school. Boston Arts Academy also helped me balance my academic work and art work. Architecture is a vigorous major to go into, you have to understand that it takes all that you have to come up with good ideas and strong presentations. But you have to do all of that while still writing a 10 page paper on Shakespeare's writing and coming up with equations for your physics exam. I tell everyone I know that I would be nowhere near the person I am now without Boston Arts Academy, and that is always going to be true!”
-Patricia Rizzo

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