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Wu, Former Mayor Janey To Be Recognized at BAAF Champion Reception

(EAST BOSTON TIMES) Wu, Former Mayor Janey To Be Recognized at BAAF Champion Reception

Article from East Boston Times

Published February 23, 2023 by East Boston Times

Mayor Michelle Wu is particularly excited to be honored by such a diverse and inclusive organization. “Boston Arts Academy is an example of how we all benefit when we invest in our young people and give them the resources they need to succeed,” said Mayor Wu. “I’m honored to work alongside the Boston Arts Academy Foundation and all the partners who have helped to make modernized, energy-efficient school buildings like BAA a possibility.”

“The work being done by Boston Arts Academy Foundation is critical towards the advancement of arts and academic education in our city,” said Janey. “Champion Reception is a great example of how our community leaders can come together to support the highly talented and creative students at Boston Arts Academy. I am honored to be recognized as a champion for our community and will continue to be a champion for the arts and our youth.”

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