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The New, High-Tech Boston Arts Academy Will Blow You Away

NECN interviews Denella Clark, Anne Clark, Jeff Rosica, Lee Michael Kennedy, Bekah Salwasser and Natalia Reyes on the new Boston Arts Academy school building during the 2022 Annual Meeting

Rendering of new BAA school building

"The new location is a metaphor for who the students's new, innovative, creative and it's worth paying attention to." - Anne Rogers Clark on the NEW Boston Arts Academy school building in the Fenway neighborhood.

Watch the full clip on NECN, featuring interviews with Denella Clark, President of BAA Foundation; Anne Clark, Head of School at BAA; Jeff Rosica, Board Chair of BAA Foundation; Lee Michael Kennedy, builder of the new BAA school building and President and CEO of Lee Kennedy, Co., Inc.; Bekah Salwasser of the Boston Red Sox; and Natalia Reyes (BAA '20).

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