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Neighborhood Networking - Boston Arts Academy Foundation & Fenway Area

Neighborhood Networking - Boston Arts Academy Foundation & Fenway Area

An image of a Google Maps view of Boston's Fenway neighborhood with Fenway Park at the center.

With the 25th anniversary on the horizon and the new school building at 174 Ipswich St. opening, Boston Arts Academy Foundation staff are back in the Fenway neighborhood, meeting with local businesses and residents. It has been years since Boston Arts Academy could call its original location home. Ground level grassroots work is under way to ensure that the community is aware and ready to make the welcome warm and energetic. The excitement is palpable!

A lot of BAA Foundation’s time and energy is going into the many grand opening and 25th anniversary events, including BAA Foundation’s signature fundraising event each year for the students of Boston Arts Academy: BAA Honors 2022 on October 8. These events deserve to be as grand and spectacular as the impact BAA has made on so many young artists-scholars. These events will help raise the funds necessary for the school’s continued excellence in arts education.

A photograph on Adam and Marina standing next to each other on sidewalk in bright afternoon sun with smiles on their faces. BAAF staff Adam & Marina outside the 126 Brookline office ready to meet new people.

It is important that BAA and BAAF have positive partnerships with local businesses. A neighborhood network of organizations and individuals supporting each other will help amplify the Fenway community’s vibrant viability, and also ensure our students feel seen and welcomed. So, if you are interested in learning more and meeting with staff, send us an email HERE or call us at (617) 513-3601.

There are many ways you can contribute and many ways we can help each other, e.g.

  • Donating coupons and swag for our students’ first day of school pep rally HERE

  • Buying an advertisement in the BAA Honors program book HERE

  • Buying tickets to attend BAA Honors 2022 HERE

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