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Celebrate Female Generosity With These 10 Women

BAA Foundation's President and CEO Denella Clark was one of ten women chosen to share how proud they are to give back to their community, personally and professionally with CircleAround.

photos of 10 successful women in non-profits, including Denella Clark

Women are incredible, aren't they? Usually thinking nothing of it, they provide their labor, time, wisdom, and emotional support in diverse settings. At work, women are still compensated less than men and, often, in a “second shift,” take on unpaid obligations like caregiving, housekeeping, homeschooling, and other crucial contributions. The pandemic has exacerbated some of these imbalances, making it especially important to honor all the ways women support and replenish our society. To honor these sometimes unseen heroes, CircleAround spoke to 10 women who shared how they are proud to give back to their communities, personally and professionally.

Many of the women we spoke with are engaged in the nonprofit realm, including in grassroots movements and philanthropy. They shared some of the creative and impactful ways they exhibit solidarity and generosity, ranging from teaching solar cooking and creating AI portraits that illuminate Black beauty, to raising future generations and mentoring entrepreneurs.

Denella Clark

Denella Clark is president and CEO of the Boston Arts Academy Foundation, a nonprofit that raises funds for the Boston Arts Academy, the city’s sole public high school for visual and performing arts. She says 84% of the school’s students identify as Black or Latinx, and most “come from low-income families. I believe all Boston students, especially those talented in the arts, deserve equitable access to opportunity.” Clark is also passionate about gender equity.

“When I immigrated to Boston from Jamaica, it became clear to me early on that women were not being treated equitably in the Commonwealth,” she says. She was recently reappointed for a third term as chairwoman of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, and she is the first woman of color in this role.

SOURCE: CircleAround

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