Summer Is Lit Project: 2019 Summer Reading Assignment

This summer, in order to encourage the love of lifelong reading, each BAA student will pick two books to read that relate to the theme of being a “Change-maker”.  These are books that tell the story or give information on people who see something that needs to change in the world around them and who take action.  Whether that change be radical, like starting a revolution,  or personal, like advocating for bike lanes in their neighborhood,  the protagonists of your books should be working to make the world around them a better place.

Students will choose one fiction book and one non-fiction, only one of which may be a graphic novel. Audiobooks are welcome, especially when you are reading along. Students will meet with a literature expert — librarian, bookseller, reading teacher, etc. to find books that will be interesting to them.  Make sure to have them sign your assignment! A list of books we recommend for the theme can be found at

Looking for things you can read or listen to on an electronic device? Check out our recommendations here:

Once students have chosen their books, they should read the packets for their grade level. They will then use these literature packets as they are reading their books to annotate and take notes, and complete the assignment for their grade level.

Rising 9th graders should go to

Rising 10th graders should go to

Rising 11th graders should go to

Rising 12th graders should go to