Boston Arts Academy Service Learning Benchmark

As a part of BAA’s mission to produce Artist-Scholar-Citizens, students will complete one of the following service learning experiences as a graduation requirement. Students will begin their work toward reaching the benchmark in term 2 of their junior year and need to be done by the end of March of their senior year

Option #1 Senior Grant Project (Graduation with Distinction)

Student develops a project proposal that addresses an issue in their community implementing their training in the arts.

Option requirements:

  • All projects must have clear incorporation of your artistic training
  • The total number of hours including planning, prep, and implementation of the project should be a minimum of 20 hours
  • All projects must serve a need in the community
  • You must have a verifiable outside community partner (BAA does not count as community partner)
  • Written proposal must meet grammar and minimal feasibility requirements
  • All grant proposals must be presented on Senior Grant Night to a panel of outside judges to determine feasibility and funding
  • all projects can request funding up to $500
  • In order to earn Honors with Distinction you must complete the written proposal and, if granted by a judging committee, complete the project and present a reflection portfolio
  • If the grant project is not completed, the student must revert to option #2, regardless of the time of year (ex. If a student decides to not complete their project in February of their senior year, then they have a month to complete 20 hours of community service)


Option #2 Community Service Hours (20 hours completed from March of Junior Year to March of Senior Year)

Community Service Supports

    • Those seniors who completed the Boston Cares on-site orientation and form last year can use the Calendar program to sign up for community service opportunities. If they did not complete either the form or the orientation, they can still sign up for the orientation on the Boston Cares website.
  • Join the Community Service Club or sign up for CSC sponsored service events. Meetings are Wednesday during lunch in Room 211.
  • National Honor Society students already have community service hour requirements. Students just need to complete the on-line reflection and verification form.
  • From time to time, organizations reach out for help and it is posted in the Weekly Bulletin.

Time Requirements

  • Students selecting this option must complete a minimum of 20 hours of service.  
    • All service hours must be verified and/or approved. There are two ways to have service verified:
      • Select service experiences from the Boston Cares website. These experiences are all pre-verified
      • Find and complete service experiences on your own (ex. Volunteer at a local church, temple, community center, non-profit organizations, neighborhood project, BAA sponsored event, etc).  
    • ALL Independent experiences must have a signed verification form and request approval from the Community Service Committee (submit to Ms. Higgins). Paid experience (ex. Jobs at non-profits or stipended experiences) do not count toward service hours, nor do household chores for close family members (we encourage students to do these things anyway as contributing members to their households :)) These experiences will not be approved.
    • A reflection must be completed for each service experience (google form on the Seminar 11 Website –

Students who complete more than 60 hours will earn Service Learning Honors. Those who go beyond the 60 hours will have additional individual distinction.