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SY 22 - BAA's Equity Roundtable Meeting #1

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The Equity Roundtable is a group of BAA students, families, and staff who meet monthly to develop and to monitor progress toward eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps at BAA. BAA’s statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion says that “Boston Arts Academy is committed to the work of becoming more inclusive as individuals and as a community. This work requires time and effort, thought and care, money and space, courage and humility. Moreover, the work is never ending as there will always be room for further growth and improvement.” The Equity Roundtable helps us do this work.

The first meeting Tuesday, October 19 from 4pm-5pm will focus on both immediate challenges and some planning we need to do for our new building next year. The tentative agenda is

  • Challenges with BAA’s current lunch plan this school year

  • Plans for BAA’s food pantry for this year

  • Schedule ideas for next school year in our new school building

  • Discussion of the proposal for naming the theater in the new school building (please note this is in addition to the public meeting on 10/14 and the Family Council meeting on 10/25, where the proposal will also be discussed).

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Event lasts 1 hour

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