Environmental Club at BAA

The 2012-2013 Environmental Club has a record number or students and is generating all types buzz.  The students are passionately engaging and thinking proactively about how to generate change!

Senior Visual Artist, Tuyen Nguyen, organized a waste audit to analyze the amount of waste BAA produces. Tuyen and his peers gathered data on various types of waste and will be designing interventions to minimize the amount of waste at BAA to build a greener school!




BAA Sophomore Nadia Issa worked with Generation Citizen to speak at the Statehouse about Single Stream Recycling in Boston Public Schools. Councillor Felix Arroyo in attendance that day heard Nadia’s proposal and introduced a hearing to bring Single Stream Recycling to Boston Public Schools. This past October Boston Public Schools kicked off Single Stream Recycling in all their schools! Read more about Nadia’s initiative here!