College & Career Center

We are very pleased to have a College and Career Center funded by a federal Perkins Grant. Students and their families are urged to take advantage of this resource as soon as possible in their career at BAA. This College and Career Center has information about post-BAA college and career opportunities. Many families receive assistance filling out financial aid paperwork here as well. Student’s college admission will be managed through the center, and students will work closely with our College and Career Coordinator, Retention Specialist, and College Advising Corps member on their applications beginning in their junior year.

While Boston Arts Academy has a College and Career Center with a staff that works with students and their families, college and career preparation is also woven through the curriculum, particularly through Reading and Writing Seminar and advisory. The following is a list of activities and assignments that students complete, grade by grade. These activities and assignments are accurate as of June 2018.

9th Graders
  • Complete “Learning Style Inventory” in Naviance
  • Go on one college visit and complete a learning activity
10th Graders
  • Complete a “Do What You Are” Survey (Personality Profile) in Naviance
  • Go on one college visit and complete a learning activity
  • Take the PSAT
  • Attend BAA’s College Fair
11th Graders
  • Begin work on the Resume of Activities in Naviance
  • Take the PSAT
  • Have the opportunity to attend free SAT preparation sessions
  • Have the opportunity to take a practice SAT
  • Help registering for the SAT in math class
  • Take the SAT
  • Research colleges in Naviance and list them under “Colleges I’m Thinking About”
  • Go on one college visit and complete a learning activity
  • Attend BAA’s College Fair
12th Graders
  • Schedule at least 3 appointments with the College and Career Coordinator to finalize college list and application schedule
  • Attend advisor check-ins about the application process
  • Take the SAT at least once and are encouraged to take it twice
  • Register and take the TOEFL, if applicable
  • Take the SAT 2s, if applicable
  • Complete a college recommendation workshop and ask teachers for recommendations
  • Complete college essay workshops


For more information about the College and Career Center, please call (617) 635-6470 ext. 121.