Boston Arts Academy and Headmaster Anne Clark Celebrated in New Book by Sir Ken Robinson!


New York Times best-selling author, Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., whose 2006 TED talk about education is the most viewed in history, has released his latest book, Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education. Sir Ken begins Chapter Eight, by saying, “I know many great schools…What they all have in common is the leadership of a visionary and passionate principal. This type of leadership is what sustains Boston Arts Academy.”

He then introduces and quotes Headmaster Anne Clark extensively. In describing BAA, Anne says, “We’re operating from a different sense of what education should and could be, and a different sense of success. It’s not narrowly defined through standardized assessments, but also through the types of things the arts teach, like persistence and collaboration and creativity and vision and voice. We have found that many of our students who were not successful before coming to Boston Arts Academy find their way to engaging with school through the arts…”

Robinson agrees. “The Boston Arts Academy model substantiates what I’ve seen in all my work with schools around the world: building the curriculum around students’ interests leads to them performing at higher levels in all areas.”

Robinson continues: “Because it is an arts-based program, and because artists are accustomed to receiving criticism and responding to the criticism quickly, the school is also creating students far better prepared for what will be asked of them once they leave school.”

April, 2015 / Viking Press Boston Arts Academy profiled p. 182-186

April, 2015 / Viking Press
Boston Arts Academy profiled p. 182-186


This important book affirms what all of us—including our generous supporters—have known all along. Please join us in celebrating this incredible recognition and tribute from a world-renowned educator!

Sir Ken discussed BAA on CBS This Morning on April 21, 2015, beginning at 4:28 in the video.

To learn more about Sir Ken Robinson, visit his website and check out his TED talk profile.

Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education is available on April 21st from Viking Books.