Visual Arts & Design Admissions

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Admissions Process for Visual Arts & Design

The admissions process for Visual Arts & Design consists of two parts: the online Audition Registration and a Visual Arts & Design Audition.

Stage One: Audition Registration (Online Only)

We are recruiting for school year 2020-2021. Apply here!

Stage Two: Visual Art and Design Audition

Audition Dates

Doors will open at 8:30am for registration and auditions. Auditions will begin promptly at 9am:

  • Friday, February 7, 2020 | Everyone reports (first choice major)
  • Saturday, February 8, 2020 | Second choice major**

We expect every student to be ready for the audition. To view the audition requirements for your desired major, please click on the appropriate link: Dance, MusicTheatre, or Visual Arts and Design.

**Students who miss auditions on February 7th or February 8th, please contact BAA at

Audition Workshop

BAA offers an Audition Workshop on Saturday, November 23rd from 9:30am – 12:30pm to help students prepare for their auditions. Find out more about workshops and other important admissions dates here.

Audition Requirements 

Because our Visual Arts and Design program is a Perkins Chapter 74 program, we are required to follow the admissions guidelines for Visual Arts and Design set by the state of Massachusetts.

The Chapter 74 process requires that there are five categories in the admission process: audition/interview; grades; attendance record; discipline/conduct record; and a recommendation from the sending school. Students are given a composite score based on all 5 areas. All 5 areas will be considered in the composite score according to the following percentages:

  • 50% of the score: audition/interview scored on a rubric. A panel composed of ProArts College representatives, artists from community arts organizations, and BAA staff conduct the audition/interviews
  • 20% of the score: whether the student has received sufficient academic credit to complete the necessary grade. For example, a student applying to be a 9th grade student at BAA will have to show sufficient academic credit to complete the 8th grade by June of the application year.
  • 20% of the score: whether the student has an attendance record sufficient to complete the necessary grade. For example, a student applying to be a 9th grade student at BAA will have to show sufficient attendance to complete the 8th grade by June of the application year.
  • 5% of the score: discipline/conduct record
  • 5% of the score: sending school recommendation

Portfolio Requirements for Audition

Create a Portfolio (a collection of 10-20 strong art pieces)

Please Include:

  • As much work from observation as possible.
  • Pieces that show your strengths.
  • Pieces that show a variety of subjects and ideas.
  • Experiments with techniques and methods that are new to you.
  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works on paper, canvas, ceramics, etc.
  • A variety of different art materials, such as pencil, colored pencil, ink, paint, charcoal, pastel, etc.
  • Sketchbooks, photography and photos of large-scale or mural art if you have them.
  • Digital Art (on a clearly sorted flash drive or website) if you have them.

Please Note: Take your time with each of your art pieces. Cartoons and Anime must be ONLY original work, and not copies of existing comic images, by other artists. Professional portfolio cases are not necessary, but students must present their collected work in at least a folder or neat container.

Audition In-Class Requirements

Be prepared to:

  • Spend up to 1½ hours in a group setting, with only audition judges.
  • Listen very carefully to all of the instructions and ask questions if you are unclear.
  • Consider your strengths and try new things.
  • Use a variety of provided art supplies.
  • Creatively problem-solve when combining images.
  • Keep track of and manage your time.

Judging Criteria

Visual Arts & DesignPortfolios will be judged on the following:

  • Craftsmanship
    (how well is each piece and the portfolio as a whole presented in a neat and organized way?)
  • Skill
    (how well does the work show your ability to use appropriate materials to accurately draw, paint, etc.?)
  • Originality
    (how well does the work represent your invention and not copy someone else’s work?)
  • Variety
    (how well does the work include multiple styles, materials and/or themes?)
  • Concept
    (how well does the work incorporate personal and/or social ideas?)


Visual Arts & Design In-Class Auditions will be judged on the following:

  • Following Directions
    (how well did you do what was assigned?)
  • Skill / Observation
    (how accurately did you draw what was assigned, with an appropriate amount of detail?)
  • Problem-Solving
    (how well did you solve the challenges assigned?)
  • Time Management
    (how well did you use all the time offered to complete what was assigned?)


There are no Callbacks for Visual Arts & Design.

Audition Results

All Decision Letters will be mailed out on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 (Accepted, Waitlisted, & Not Accepted).

  • Accepted – your score is high enough to be invited to attend BAA in the upcoming year.
  • Waitlisted – you are not yet accepted, but may become invited to attend if more students are needed to fill a class.
  • Not Accepted – your score is not high enough to be invited to attend BAA in the upcoming year.

Waitlist for Visual Arts & Design

Waitlisted students will remain on the waitlist until the end of December. If the student doesn’t get in by the end of December they need to go through the admissions process again for the following school year in order to be considered for BAA.

Completion of Admissions Process

Only Accepted and Waitlisted students will be asked to submit their official transcripts to BAA’s Admissions Office to complete their Admissions Process. Transcripts allow our staff to place students in appropriate classes, however they are not considered in the admissions decision.

CTE Supplemental Admissions Form

Only students who have been Accepted or Waitlisted for Visual Arts & Design will be required to submit a completed CTE Form, which they will receive via email, to BAA’s Admissions Office in order to complete their Admissions Process.

Appeals Process for Visual Arts & Design

Students who are not Accepted or Waitlisted and would like an appeal must make an appointment with the Artistic Dean through the main office at (617) 635-6470.

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