Dance Admissions

Admissions Process for Dance

BAA Dance Springfest 2015, photo by Judith Gibson-Okunieff

The admissions process for Dance consists of two stages: the online Audition Application and a Dance Audition.

Stage One: Audition Application (Online Only)

We are recruiting for school year 2020-2021. Apply here!

Stage Two: Dance Audition

A panel composed of ProArts College representatives, artists from community arts organizations, and BAA staff conduct the auditions. By focusing solely on the audition, BAA aims to encourage all students interested in the arts to apply to the school. Acceptance decisions are based on the audition only.

Audition Workshop

BAA offers an Audition Workshop on Saturday, November 23th from 9:30am – 12:30pm to help students prepare for their auditions. Find out more about workshops and other important admissions dates here.

Audition Dates

Doors will open at 8:30am for registration and auditions. Auditions will begin promptly at 9am:

  • Friday, February 7, 2020 | First choice major (Everyone reports)
  • Saturday, February 8, 2020 | Second choice major and new auditions**

We expect every student to be ready for the audition. To view the audition requirements for your desired major, please click on the appropriate link: DanceFashion TechnologyMusicTheatre, or Visual Arts.

**Students who miss auditions on February 1st or February 2nd, please contact BAA at

Audition Requirements for Dance

Dance auditions include participating in a Dance Class and preparing a 1-Minute Maximum Solo Piece.


All students must be dressed in appropriate dancewear (leotards, tights, and socks or ballet shoes are preferred) and have their hair pulled away from their face, and secured. Female students that do not have appropriate dancewear may wear shorts and a leotard, or shorts and a fitted t-shirt. Male students that do not have appropriate dancewear may wear T-shirts and sweatpants or basketball shorts are acceptable. No one can audition in street clothes. Please do not wear jeans.

Audition In-Class Participation

  • Warm up exercises based on ballet and modern technique
  • Ballet, Modern or Jazz center and across the floor combinations
  • Improvisation

Audition Solo Piece (1-Minute Maximum)

  • The solo should show the applicant’s technical and performance ability.
  • It does not have to be choreographed by the applicant, and it can be a dance combination or variation learned in class.
  • Ballet, Modern or Jazz preferred, but Tap, Ethnic dance forms and Hip Hop are acceptable.
  • Music can be on CD or iPod. If using an iPod, please have music cued up and ready for the audition. Your CD should have only the song you are going to use for your routine.

Judging Criteria

Dance auditions will be judged on the following:

  • Physical potential
  • Coordination
  • Rhythmic accuracy and musicality
  • Focus
  • Observation and recall
  • Coachability
  • Attitude and perseverance
  • Expressiveness
  • Movement quality
  • Risk-taking
  • Technical proficiency


Some students will be Accepted or Not Accepted based on their audition and some students will be asked to come for a Callback before they make a final decision. Callbacks for Dance are for selected students only if the judges want to see again. Getting a Callback does not mean mean a student has been Accepted or Not Accepted. Students who get a Dance Callback will have to participate in a dance class.

Audition Results

All Decision Letters (Accepted, Waitlisted, & Not Accepted) will be mailed out on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020.

  • Accepted – your score is high enough to be invited to attend BAA in the upcoming year.
  • Waitlisted – you are not yet accepted, but may become invited to attend if more students are needed to fill a class.
  • Not Accepted – your score is not high enough to be invited to attend BAA in the upcoming year.

Waitlist for Dance

Waitlisted students will remain on the Waitlist until the end of December. If the student doesn’t get in by the end of December she/he needs to go through the admissions process again for the following school year in order to be considered for BAA. Due to the high volume of applicants we do not have an appeals process for Dance at this time.

Completion of Admissions Process

Only Accepted and Waitlisted students will be asked to submit their official transcripts to BAA’s Admissions Office to complete their Admissions Process. Transcripts allow our staff to place students in appropriate classes, however they are not considered in the admissions decision.

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