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Music- Multimedia Entertainment Production

Multimedia Entertainment Production

Creating new spaces where technology meets storytelling.

To audition for Multimedia Entertainment Production (MEP) you’ll be asked to fill out the online application by January 26, 2024 and then attend an in person audition. We highly suggest students attend the Audition Workshop in November to help prepare for their audition submission. More information on the workshop can be found HERE.

Audition Requirements

Students will be provided a storytelling task in person. Every student will be guided through a workshop before being given the audition task. No students are expected to have any experience with the software provided. The audition will center around the audio and visual aspects of content creation.

Students will be provided a short animation with no sound attached.

Students will view the animation and consider what sounds should be there:

  • Sound effects (footsteps, background noises)

  • Vocalizations (speach or similar)

  • Music (from loops or other sources)

Students will load the video into the program “Logic Pro X” (which is very similar to Garageband).

Students will then be shown how to listen to audio clips of sound effects and music, and how to load those sounds into the appropriate place in the video.


I can tell a story, create content with a beginning, middle and end 

I can edit my content with a clear story line. 

I am open to taking risks when creating my work.

Judging Criteria

Multimedia Entertainment Production Auditions are evaluated on the following three major areas:

  1. The process of creating.

  2. Risk taking during the process.

  3. A keen eye and ear for storytelling 

Click here to view the full rubric used for MEP Auditions.


There are no callbacks for MEP.

If you have questions about the audition process, please contact

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