Visual Arts Admissions

Admissions Process for Visual Arts

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Because our visual arts program is a Perkins Chapter 74 program, we are required to follow the admissions guidelines for visual arts set by the state of Massachusetts.

The Chapter 74 process requires that there are five categories in the admission process: audition/interview; grades; attendance record; discipline/conduct record; and a recommendation from the sending school. Students are given a composite score based on all 5 areas. All 5 areas will be considered in the composite score according to the following percentages:

  • 50% of the score: audition/interview scored on a rubric. A panel composed of ProArts College representatives, artists from community arts organizations, and BAA staff conduct the audition/interviews.
  • 20% of the score: whether the student has received sufficient academic credit to complete the necessary grade. For example, a student applying to be a 9th grade student at BAA will have to show sufficient academic credit to complete the 8th grade by June of the application year.
  • 20% of the score: whether the student has an attendance record sufficient to complete the necessary grade. For example, a student applying to be a 9th grade student at BAA will have to show sufficient attendance to complete the 8th grade by June of the application year.
  • 5% of the score: discipline/conduct record
  • 5% of the score: sending school recommendation

Completion of Admissions Process

If the student is accepted or placed on the wait-list, he/she will be asked to complete the admissions process by sending in their official transcript. Transcripts allow staff to place students in appropriate classes. Transcripts must be sent to complete the admissions process, but they are not considered in the admission decision. We request the same item from wait-listed students. If an accepted student declines admission, we want to be able to offer a seat to a wait-listed student as quickly as possible.

Wait-list for Visual Arts

Wait-listed students for visual arts will remain on the wait-list until the end of December. If the student doesn’t get in by end of December they needs to go through the admissions process again for the following school year in order to be considered for BAA.

Appeal Process for Visual Arts

Students who are not accepted or are placed on the wait-list and would like an appeal must make an appointment with the Artistic Dean through the main office at 617-635-6470.

Portfolio Requirements:

  • Students should have 10-12 pieces in their portfolio.
  • Students should include work they do well; show their strengths.
  • Students should include techniques and ideas that are new to them.
  • Students should create artwork with different art materials.
For example:
  • Pencil
Colored pencils
  • Clay
  • Paper, collage
  • Photography (photographs must be shot and printed/developed by student)
  • Paint
  • Students should try to have a variety of subjects in their portfolio.
  • Sketchbooks are encouraged, but not required. Finished works in a sketchbook can be considered as part of the portfolio application.
  • Students should take their time with each of their pieces.
  • Students with digital artwork or a website portfolio may include them; computer and Internet access is available.
  • Students with an abundance of cartooning in their portfolios must include ONLY original work, and not copies of existing comic images. Comics may be done in a particular style, (ie: Anime, Manga), but images already created by other animators must not be copied for presentation in the BAA portfolio.
Students must present their work neatly, but expensive portfolios are not necessary!
  • It is not necessary for students to bring their own art supplies; supplies will be provided for students

Audition Requirements:

  • Listen very carefully to all of the instructions and ask questions if you are unclear
Consider your strengths and try new things
When in the audition, be sure to:
  • Manage your time
  • Look at a variety of the objects in the audition
  • Use different materials and try to make it work
  • Use the whole page
  • Problem solve and be creative and fearless
  • Bring a watch; it is helpful for you to keep track of your time
Portfolios and auditions will be judged on the following:
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Time management
  • Invention
  • Attitude
  • Composition/design
  • Effective use of a variety of materials
  • Rendering and observation
  • Craftsmanship
  • Presentation