Theatre Admissions

Admissions Process for Theatre

The admissions process for theatre consists of two stages: an audition application and audition in the arts.

Stage One: Audition Application online

We are recruiting for school year 2018-2019. Apply here!

Stage Two: Audition

A panel composed of ProArts College representatives, artists from community arts organizations, and BAA staff conduct the auditions. Nothing else is required in Stage One; transcripts, grades, test scores, and letters of recommendation are not considered. By focusing solely on the audition, BAA aims to encourage all students interested in the arts to apply to the school. Acceptance decisions are based on the audition only.

BAA offers an Audition Workshop to help students prepare for their auditions. Find out more about workshops and other important admissions dates here.

Completion of Admissions Process

If the student is accepted or placed on the wait-list, he/she will be asked to complete the admissions application. Students send in their official transcripts and write two essays that give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to the BAA community. Transcripts allow staff to place students in appropriate classes and essays introduce students to the school and inform placement in advisory. Transcripts and essays must be sent to complete the admissions process, but they are not considered in the admission decision. We request the same items from wait-listed students. If an accepted student declines admission, we want to be able to offer a seat to a wait-listed student as quickly as possible.

Wait-list for Theatre

Wait-listed students will remain on the wait-list until the end of December. If the student doesn’t get in by end of December she/he must go through the admissions process again for the following school year in order to be considered for BAA. Due to the high volume of applicants we do not have an appeals process in theater at this time.

Audition Requirements for Theatre

BAA offers Audition Workshops to help students prepare for their auditions.  Find out more about workshops and other important admissions dates here.


Candidates should wear loose clothing, and be prepared both to sit on the floor and to take part in some physical work. Gum, hats and jewelry are not appropriate.

Audition Piece

Candidates should bring a SHORT MONOLOGUE of 1 to 2 minutes maximum to perform. This monologue must be memorized well.


  • Students should choose a piece that is dramatic in content and show a sense of character.
  • Movement and body language should be included, but only if it fits with the content of the piece.
  • Students should NOT play more than one character.
  • Students should decide to whom they are talking.
Students may select a monologue from a special book, a play, or from our list of suggested monologues.


Candidates will be asked to take part in a short workshop with a small group of other students. This will focus on some warm-up exercises and games, some group work and some improvisation (acting without scripts).

Students will be judged on the following:
  1. a. Enthusiasm for the art form
  2. b. Respect for the work and attitude (response to criticism & taking direction)
  3. c. Creativity and ability to work spontaneously in improvisation
  4. d. Vocal projection and stage presence
  5. e. Ensemble: ability to work as part of a group

Click here to download the suggested monologues for the Theatre auditions.

You may also choose your own piece, but it should be of a similar length and content.