Music Admissions

BAA pianist

Admissions Process for Music

The admissions process for music consists of two stages: an audition application and audition in the arts.

Stage One: Audition Application online

We are recruiting for school year 2018-2019. Apply here!

Stage Two: Audition for Instrumental or Vocal Music

Audition Requirements for Instrumental Music

Students should arrive ready to play. Students must bring all instruments and materials required for their audition. This includes sticks, reeds, guitar cables, etc. The following equipment will be provided: piano, amplifiers, drum set, and percussion instruments.

  1. a. Solo performance: The student must perform one selection on their instrument. This piece may be of any style and should contain elements that display the range of developed skills of the student.  Students will not be permitted to play along with recordings.
  2. b. Sight-Reading Test: Students will be asked to sight-read at least four measures of music.
  3. c. Interview: A panel of Boston Arts Academy teachers will interview the students at the end of the audition and assess students’ enthusiasm for serious music study.

*There is no callback audition for prospective instrumental students.

Audition Requirements for Vocal Music

  1. a. Solo Performance: Candidates must perform from one of the following selections: “Amazing Grace,” “America, the Beautiful,” or “America – My Country, ‘tis of Thee.” Students may prepare an optional second piece. Gospel, musical theater, folk songs, R&B, and some pop songs are acceptable. Both pieces must be performed with instrumental accompaniment or a cappella. Students will not be permitted to sing along with recorded voices.

*A piano accompanist will be available.
*Pre-recorded instrumental tapes/CDs/MP3s are allowed. No tapes/CDs/MP3s with vocal tracks.

  1. b. Vocal Technique and Aural Assessment: At the end of the solo performance, one of the panelists will lead the candidate through short exercises to test pitch memory and technical ability.

Callback Audition

  1. a. Voice Class 1: A teacher will lead the full group through a short choral piece. Then, students work together in groupings of about 6 to arrange the piece while judges assess students’ ability to take risks and work collaboratively.
  2. b. Voice Class 2: In the same groups, students will work with a voice teacher on a range of vocal technique exercises, assessing each student’s current technical ability, pitch memory, and ability to apply feedback.

Wait-list for Music

Wait-listed students will remain on the wait-list until the end of December. If the student doesn’t get in by end of December they must go through the admissions process again for the following school year in order to be considered for BAA. Due to the high volume of applicants we do not have an appeals process in music at this time.