Center for Arts Alumni Creative Corps at Malden

The Center for Arts in Education’s Alumni Creative Corps (ACC) is a teaching artist residency program comprised of emerging professionals in the arts who are graduates of Boston Arts Academy.

ACC members J. Cottle, Princess Bryant, and Kervin Germain along with Center Executive Director Linda Nathan performed a Habits of Mind skit for the BU/Malden GELL academy. ACC members developed and wrote the skit, “Malden’s Next Big Thing” – a reality t.v. show spin off where participants had to work together to create a final performance.

GELL Academy is a free summer program for middle school students in Malden focused on English as a second language. Our ACC members will be the Artistic Co-Directors of the program, helping the students create an artistic piece to present at the end of the 5 weeks based on the theme, “Navigating Our Way to Success.” The program is focused on literacy and habits of mind principles.