The Center for Arts in Education at Boston Arts Academy

Our Mission

The Center for Arts in Education (the Center) is the professional development, dissemination, and advocacy arm of Boston Arts Academy (BAA). The Center fosters transformative education. We empower students, schools and communities through artistic and academic innovation.


About The Center

The Center believes that placing a high value on creativity and personalized learning translates into committed students who are invested in their own success. Boston Arts Academy has created a successful model for urban public schools through its inventive approach to leadership, professional development, community-building, incubating new curriculum designs, arts integration, and student support. Through a dynamic, holistic, process-based approach to school transformation, the Center shares BAA’s successful practices with school communities.

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What the Center for Arts in Education does:

1. Increase access to arts-based education for students throughout Boston Public Schools

Alumni Creative Corps

The Alumni Creative Corps (ACC) is a teaching artist residency program run by the Center for Arts in Education at Boston Arts Academy.

Lang Lang’s Keys of Inspiration

Supported by the award-winning pianist Lang Lang and his International Music Foundation, this new program provides sequential piano instruction for students in grades 4 and 8 at Orchard Gardens K-8 Public school and for all Boston Arts Academy music majors.

2. Disseminate effective arts-based curricula developed through BAA

We share BAA’s best practices through presentations and workshops at national and international conferences.  Click here to learn more about BAA’s innovative curricula that we share. 

3. Provide high quality arts-based professional development for educators

National Artist Teaching Fellowship

The National Artist Teacher Fellowship Program offers arts teachers from public arts high schools the opportunity to immerse themselves in their own creative work, interact with other professional artists, and stay current with new practices.

Professional Development opportunities

During the 2013-2014 school year, the Center made it possible for over 20 BAA faculty members and several students to attend and /or present at 16 conferences around the country. Visit our Facebook page to learn about conferences, workshops, and presentations led by Center and BAA staff members. 

Center Institute

On October 9-10, 2014, the Center hosted its 10th annual Center Institute. This professional development conference provided educators, administrators, and graduate students with the time, space, and support to imagine innovative possibilities for their classrooms, schools, and communities. Click here to learn more and see photos!

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